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Meeting improvements

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Meeting Attendees

Currently BoardPro shows all members not attending as apologies when actually they are no apologies, they are just not required to attend. Is there any way of showing them other than apologies?
almost 4 years ago in Meeting improvements 2 Already exists

Review and approve draft minutes through boardpro

In terms of getting minutes from draft to ready for confirmation, I generally do the following 1. download and send via email to the CE (or print hardcopy and manually enter edits). 2. once CE edits are made, once again download and send to the ...
over 5 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Manually added notes or free text

It would be useful to be able to add manual notes or free text to all the sections, opposed to always having to upload files/documents. Noting the 'Title' and 'Purpose' sections are free text, however it would be good to add detail in another sec...
about 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Improve minute taking against action items

When taking minutes on action items, to add a new action item you have to scroll to the bottom then you lose your place in the action item list. Perhaps you can look at having a 3rd window or pop up for adding notes, decisions and action items?
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Enable Planned attendees to signal their non-attendance prior to the meeting

People receiving an invite to a meeting may need to withdraw prior to a meeting, providing their apologies. These people are different to people who were suppose to attend, but didn't. Perhaps having three columns would solve the problem.
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Be able to archive fiscal years

It would be helpful to be able to archive meetings at the end of the fiscal year. They could be added to either a folder under Meetings that you can label 2019-2020 for example
over 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Remember location in Meeting Calendar View

Wen moving between meetings, particularly say to compare notes in meeting minutes it would be nice if the calendar view remembered you current position. At present when you go back to that view it takes you back to today. If you are constantly scr...
over 3 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Best-practice review service

Over time I have refined my agendas/approach based on insights gained from others also running board meetings, e.g. The importance of confirming minutes. Focusing on profit before sales. The benefits of a risk register. Which order to do "Ac...
almost 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Enable meeting rooms to be associated with an email address/Outlook calendar address

When we book a room we then have to go to Outlook to book the meeting room resource. If we could associate an email address in boardPro this would happen automatically
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Indicate whether Remote Meeting and embed meeting URL when creating meeting

Some meetings are now face to face, others are hybrid, and some are online. It would be good to be able when creating the meeting rather than adding later to: be able to embed the URL in the Notice of meeting tick the box whether a "Remove meeting...
about 2 years ago in Meeting improvements 0