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Interests Register Report by Director

As the disclosed interests of the directors grows, it would be good to print out a listing of interest items for each director so they can check and update it periodically.
over 6 years ago in Document improvements 4 Shipped

Organisation logo for Agenda and Minutes

Allow each organisation to upload a logo to be used on the agenda and minutes
over 6 years ago in  0 Shipped

Enable directors to vote on resolutions

Enabling each director to vote on a resolution will capture where each one stood on the matter. They will have to commit or enter an objection and silence won't lead to implied consent.
almost 7 years ago in  0 Shipped

Email notices for the agenda and minutes

I'd like to be able to email the agenda for upcoming meetings and the minutes from past meetings directly out of BoardPro to all the board members.
over 6 years ago in  0 Shipped

Merge annotations when board pack is republished

Board members are confused and frustrated that they have to shift between old and new versions in their notes, particularly bad if a board pack has been published 3+ times ... I understand the coding for merging annotations to unchanged agenda ite...
over 2 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Personalise Board Pack Email

At times, when sending out the board pack, we have information to provide to the Board which then requires a separate email to be sent. e.g. reminder of an education session which may be taking place prior to the formal opening of a board meeting....
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 2 Shipped

Resource Library

It would be great if BoardPro has a collection of training material and resources for those new to governance. Articles, videos, blog articles - maybe even some webinars.
over 6 years ago in  0 Shipped

Video tutorials

I've just loaded four clients onto Board Pro, and they eventually love it, but their first experience isn't great. They start to get bombarded with minutes, agendas, and actions before any training on the fundamentals. I'm having to do this myself...
almost 5 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Enable use of folders in Governance Documents

Would like to include our Board Policies but don't want to lose them amongst other documents. Therefore ability to put related documents in a folder would be great
about 6 years ago in Document improvements 2 Shipped

Ability for me to add my personal notes to boardpro documents

No description provided
over 6 years ago in  0 Shipped