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Public notes available in take minutes mode

Once we get public/shared notes on the board pack, attach these to the agenda/minutes back end so that the board secretary can view them when in take minutes mode
4 months ago in Collaboration 0

Public/shared notes

The ability to make notes made in BoardPro Notes public/shareable so that the whole board/meeting attendees can see and respond to the note
4 months ago in Collaboration 0

Schedule Action items

My outlook diary is my one source of truth and I use it to schedule all my work. One of the life changing tips I give my board members is that emails can be picked up and dropped into your calendar - ie: action reminders so that actions are schedu...
4 months ago in Action Items 0

Notification of action completion

A notification emailed to account owner or secretary advising an action has been completed.
4 months ago in Action Items 0

Use Flying Minutes to approve confirm minutes

Can minutes be approved by way of a flying minute? For quarterly meetings, it takes a long time to have our minutes confirmed.
5 months ago in Flying Minutes 0

Provide option to use either Approved or Carried

We have a committee that does not make decisions and we are happy to use the word "Approved". Where the Board makes a decision a better option and more formal is "Carried"
5 months ago in Minutes 0

Have the option to not include Actions in the Minutes document

It is good to record Actions at a meeting but not to have them form a part of the Minutes document. Provide a tick box to not include the Actions.
5 months ago in Action Items 0

Separate Actions List/Register

We do not wish to include Actions as a part of the Minutes document and would like a List/Register to generate separately, as BoardPro does for Resolutions.
5 months ago in Minutes 0

Enable lookups for new committee members

When creating committees the members are often already members of the overarching forum or board. It would be helpful to be able to select them (e.g. type in their name, autopopulate email and role). Preferably this would still be editable in case...
5 months ago in Roles and Permissions 1

More control over adding meeting attendees

It would be preferable to be able to turn the automatic adding of all attendees to meetings off if preferred, to enable manual adding so that people who don't attend all meetings are not automatically added.
5 months ago in Meeting improvements 0