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PINNED Flying Minutes appear in the Agenda/Board Pack
We like to review/recap the Flying Minutes that have taken place since the last meeting. Currently there is no way to easily include these in the Agenda/Board Pack, they only appear in the Minutes which are distributed after the meeting. It would ...
PINNED Confirm Minutes before the next meeting
Our board does not meet every month so minutes wait a long time for confirmation. It would be better if we could confirm minutes before the next meeting while everyone's memory is still fresh, such as through a Flying Minute.

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Add Hyperlinks to My BoardPro

Ability to add Hyperlinks to MyBoardPro so that it provides Directors with the ability to access key online systems and resource links directly from their BoardPro dashboard e.g. a link to their learning management system to complete mandatory onl...
2 months ago in Other Category 0

Meeting attendance schedule

Record of annual attendance at board meetings of individual directors/trustees, this helps the Chairman and the board to see how many meetings an individual may be missing thus prompting discussion about attendance and should a new board member sh...
over 7 years ago in Meeting improvements 11

Edit document names in Governance Documents

It would be helpful to be able to edit filenames in Governance Documents, after they have been uploaded. At present we can change folder names, but not filenames.
7 months ago in Document improvements 0

Enable comments within flying minute documents

It would be very helpful for directors/committee members to be able to comment within the supporting documentation of a flying minute rather than have to hold a discussion via the comments section underneath. Debate sometimes arises regarding the ...
4 months ago in Flying Minutes 1

Enable one email notification with seprate calendar invites i.e for a year's worth of monthly board meetings

So the director's inboxes aren't flooded with multiple notifications when scheduling board meetings for the year
over 2 years ago in Email Notification 2

Multiple email accounts

I would like to have meeting notifications to go to multiple email addresses. Eg. my EA
7 months ago in Security Improvements 0

Able to Delete an Action

Sometimes action is raised during a meeting, however, at a later time deemed not necessary or no longer needed. It would be nice to be able to delete it even if the minutes have been confirmed.
over 1 year ago in Action Items 2

Ability to have Flying Minutes progress to next Meeting for noting by directors

The Flying Minutes with Vote function is excellent. It is easy to use and communicates well with nominated participants. When Voting is completed it would assist in overall Board diligence if the applicable 'Paper' (purpose for which the Flying Mi...
about 3 years ago in Flying Minutes 4

Offline mode for the iOS app

It would be great to be able to use BoardPro Notes on my iPad , because sometimes the meetings are not in a place where there is Internet, or I'm travelling.
over 2 years ago in Offline Mode 4

Minutes mark-up

Some of our clients need to be able to see mark-ups on the draft minutes.i.e. Company secretary drafts the minutes and finalises with CEO | Chair and then on receipt, some board members want to mark up changes for other board members to see.
almost 5 years ago in Minutes 5