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Improve board member resignation process

Please improve the process for when a board member resigns, or when the chair changes, as currently it is based on real time and that conflicts with any unconfirmed minutes.
over 4 years ago in Other Category 3 Planned

Customise the style and format of the board pack

Ability to customise the appearance of the board pack with options such as fonts, text size, accent colour, line spacing, etc
over 5 years ago in Document improvements 22

Delegate actions to one or more other people

I was present in the meeting, and accepted the action, but I need someone else to actually execute it. I would like to be able to delegate, without losing that I am responsible and accountable to report back to the board.
about 6 years ago in  6 Planned

Moving documents to a different agenda item

I uploaded 4 documents to an agenda item, and realised that I attached it to the wrong agenda item. I had to delete the document and re-upload them to the correct agenda item. It would make it a lot quicker and easier if it gave the option 'move ...
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 0

Review functionality in the Minutes

As the Board members are able to review the draft minutes, it would be helpful for them to have the ability to provide feedback etc within the document but for these to be highlighted - such as the review functionality within Microsoft Word (track...
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Use Flying Minutes to approve confirm minutes

Can minutes be approved by way of a flying minute? For quarterly meetings, it takes a long time to have our minutes confirmed.
5 months ago in Flying Minutes 0

More control over adding meeting attendees

It would be preferable to be able to turn the automatic adding of all attendees to meetings off if preferred, to enable manual adding so that people who don't attend all meetings are not automatically added.
5 months ago in Meeting improvements 0

Annual work plan

It would be good to be able to upload all the board's annual tasks and activities for the year into BoardPro and then be able to review and reuse the list year after year.
over 6 years ago in  12

Enable one email notification with seprate calendar invites i.e for a year's worth of monthly board meetings

So the director's inboxes aren't flooded with multiple notifications when scheduling board meetings for the year
over 1 year ago in Email Notification 1

Guest presenter option

The 'Presenter' field only allows you to choose from those who have a BoardPro login. Often, you have a guest presenter, e.g. a prospective supplier, Sales Manager, IT Manager. We need to be able to enter that too please. Ideally a freeform field,...
about 3 years ago in Agenda 0