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Send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it

Instead of having to send individual action reminder emails to one person for all of their open actions send just one email with all the action reminders for that person in it
22 days ago in Action Items 0

A downloadable format of the completed action list

Ideally what we would like to see is a completed action list that may have been completed prior to a board meeting but can still be seen by the board?Two thoughts would be either to have a folder for completed action items in review - to then be c...
3 months ago in Action Items 0

Show more detail for actions raised in the meeting

It would be great, time saving and helpful to show more information under Actions Raised in the Meeting, instead of the heading only.
4 months ago in Action Items 1

Schedule Action items

My outlook diary is my one source of truth and I use it to schedule all my work. One of the life changing tips I give my board members is that emails can be picked up and dropped into your calendar - ie: action reminders so that actions are schedu...
6 months ago in Action Items 0

Notification of action completion

A notification emailed to account owner or secretary advising an action has been completed.
6 months ago in Action Items 0

Have the option to not include Actions in the Minutes document

It is good to record Actions at a meeting but not to have them form a part of the Minutes document. Provide a tick box to not include the Actions.
7 months ago in Action Items 0

Download a PDF of the Action List by Meeting

It would be helpful to be able to download the Action List not by date but by meeting. Currently they can be included on the Minutes and when building an agenda you can definitely sort via date but if you just want to focus on a specific meeting y...
7 months ago in Action Items 0

Have separate action lists for each meeting

We have two meetings a month. A general meeting and an in committee (Confidential meeting). The Action List has actions for both the meetings and appears in both. We generally upload our general minutes on our website for the public ( the actions ...
8 months ago in Action Items 0

Able to Delete an Action

Sometimes action is raised during a meeting, however, at a later time deemed not necessary or no longer needed. It would be nice to be able to delete it even if the minutes have been confirmed.
9 months ago in Action Items 2

Filter/Sort Action items

Sorting actions by due date/completed date.
11 months ago in Action Items 0