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PINNED Flying Minutes appear in the Agenda/Board Pack
We like to review/recap the Flying Minutes that have taken place since the last meeting. Currently there is no way to easily include these in the Agenda/Board Pack, they only appear in the Minutes which are distributed after the meeting. It would ...
PINNED Confirm Minutes before the next meeting
Our board does not meet every month so minutes wait a long time for confirmation. It would be better if we could confirm minutes before the next meeting while everyone's memory is still fresh, such as through a Flying Minute.

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Flying Minute Host email notification of comments

As a host you get email notifications as comments come in to a flying minute. This allows you to monitor comments to a flying minute without having to go into the flying minute.
about 3 years ago in Email Notification 1 Shipped

Show voting in process when a flying minute vote is going on

I tend to forget about the voting, it would be helpful to keep this in a place that I look at alot more than the inbetween meetings section
about 3 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Better full screen options

Preview mode should have a full screen option, or notes full screen should have better navigation. None of the options seem that user friendly when you want to see the pack full screen - either the screen is too small, the navigation is difficult ...
about 3 years ago in Board Pack 1 Shipped

Merge annotations when board pack is republished

Board members are confused and frustrated that they have to shift between old and new versions in their notes, particularly bad if a board pack has been published 3+ times ... I understand the coding for merging annotations to unchanged agenda ite...
over 3 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

Ability to download full board pack with annotations, rather than just sections.

When a Director leaves an organisation, they may with to retain a copy of the meeting minutes they attended, Board Packs and their annotations across these Board Packs for legal purposes (there may be times when decisions etc are challenged). At t...
over 3 years ago in Board Pack 4 Shipped

Would like the ability to change the order of committees as they appear under our account i.e. currently my understanding is that they appear randomly

Useful when you have e.g. a mix of internal and external committees with the later only occurring occasionally.
about 4 years ago in Other Category 0 Shipped

2FA -2 factor authentication

Currently, if someone obtains a Boardpro password that person has full access/download information that this password/access allows. Using two independent mechanisms to verify the identity of a user improves security dramatically. E.g a passwo...
over 4 years ago in Roles and Permissions 12 Shipped

Interest Register across multiple entities

I would be great to be able to duplicate interest register when there are subcommittees of a board that involve the same people rather than having to load the same detail in twice
almost 5 years ago in Other Category 8 Shipped
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E-Signatures on Confirmed Minutes

Allow board chairs and board members to be able to add their signatures to Minutes and other documents within BoardPro.
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements / Minutes 18 Shipped

Send meeting cancellation when meeting is cancelled in BoardPro

Currently when meetings are cancelled in BoardPro no outlook notification is sent to users telling them to cancel the meeting in their dairies. As a result Board members still have meeting invites in their dairies when meetings have been cancelled
almost 5 years ago in Email Notification 0 Shipped