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Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack

Pre write resolutions when creating the board pack so it saves time doing it on the day and accuracy of resolution
8 days ago in Board Pack 0

Schedule Action items

My outlook diary is my one source of truth and I use it to schedule all my work. One of the life changing tips I give my board members is that emails can be picked up and dropped into your calendar - ie: action reminders so that actions are schedu...
9 days ago in Action Items 0
166 VOTE

Allocate an action item to more than one Board member

Allow/allocate/delegate/assign 2 or more people to work as a team on an action
about 3 years ago in Action Items 35 Planned

Notification of action completion

A notification emailed to account owner or secretary advising an action has been completed.
15 days ago in Action Items 0

Public notes available in take minutes mode

Once we get public/shared notes on the board pack, attach these to the agenda/minutes back end so that the board secretary can view them when in take minutes mode
9 days ago in Collaboration 0

Public/shared notes

The ability to make notes made in BoardPro Notes public/shareable so that the whole board/meeting attendees can see and respond to the note
9 days ago in Collaboration 0
118 VOTE

Digital Signing

Allow board chairs and board members to be able to add their signatures to Minutes and other documents within BoardPro.
over 3 years ago in Document improvements / Minutes 15 Planned

Track changes to the Minutes

It would be helpful to be able to track changes done in the Minutes -similar to the Agenda change log available.
7 months ago in Minutes 6

Use Flying Minutes to approve confirm minutes

Can minutes be approved by way of a flying minute? For quarterly meetings, it takes a long time to have our minutes confirmed.
27 days ago in Flying Minutes 0

Have tenure dates for the Board

If a Board Member resigns or if we have a Chair that is appointed for only 2 years (for example) it would be nice to be able to add those dates to their information and have their names instead of revoked or removed as archived.
over 1 year ago in Other Category 3 Planned