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Data room capability

Have you considered building or integrating data room capability into BoardPro? So that organisations which will ultimately exit develop the discipline of building up documents and evidence that will be required during due diligence during the exi...
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements 1

Include 'RECEIVED' in the Decisions Tab

When reports are tabled that require a 'mover' and 'seconder' it would be great to have this option in the 'Decision' Tab rather than just mentioning it in the note for that minute.
almost 5 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

No current pricing solution for bi-monthly and quarterly board meetings

I have clients and colleagues who run bi-monthly or quarterly board meetings. They are put off by having to pay a monthly price when they're not using the software. One solution to this would be to price by board meeting, rather than month. The so...
almost 5 years ago in Other Category 0 Will not implement

Ability to add comments when sending Board Packs

Currently, you can only publish and send a Board Pack with a generic, uneditable message. It would be really useful to have a field you can edit, e.g. "Hi guys, Board Pack for Friday. Please remember the change in location. Cheers. Geoff" or "Hi g...
about 5 years ago in Email Notification 2 Already exists

Ability to use one board pro account for multiple boards within one organisation

I am the board secretary for an organisation that has two boards - one the Incorporated board and the other a foundation trust. Each board should be able to see each others minutes if htey are members of board pro. I would like to be able set up u...
about 5 years ago in Roles and Permissions 1 Already exists

Be able to configure BP to send more than 1 action reminder

at the moment there is a reminder sent 7 days prior, it would be good to be able to configure it to send another reminder at a different time i.e. either 14 days before or 3 days before. i.e. a configurable one.
about 5 years ago in  0 Already exists

Embedded links

Hi, I tried to add in web and google doc links into the agenda (purpose section), however when the agenda gets built the link gets broken, likely because the link is so long it is wrapped onto two lines, therefore the hyperlink is broken and does...
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0 Already exists