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Trustee Interests, Simplified Entry

Bringing all the interests for a Trustee with their profile when they join a sub committee, its a pain to have to re-enter them manually.
about 2 years ago in Interests Register 1 Already exists

Move the Question Box

I find that when reading my board papers on BoardPro, I usually accidentally click on the question box instead of the arrow down as they are placed so close together
about 2 years ago in Board Pack 0

Simple Board Pack

We are an Incorporated Society and many members still print the Agenda and Previous minutes. Only way to get this is via the Board Pack, which includes the attachments for the meeting. Can we have a Simple Board Pack with the Agenda and past minut...
over 4 years ago in Board Pack 0 Already exists

Integrate online meeting tool(s) into BoardPro

We used Amolto to record the Skype meeting (Audio and video). The complete board meeting transcript will be used to put together the minutes. Having a record meeting (audio and visual/screen) function inside Boardpro would be a great add-on (charg...
over 6 years ago in  0

Generating Landscape Versions of Meeting Packs

For some organization meeting packs, a lot of information takes up 2-3 pages of a portrait generated meeting pack / document and often, a 2 page document can become 3 with only 2-3 sentences on the 3rd page leaving the rest of the page blank and i...
about 2 years ago in Board Pack 0

Default sort order of documents to be alpha by TITLE

While we can change the listing to sort by TITLE each time (or enter a word in the search function) they enter the directory, our Directors have asked the question if it could 'default'to alpha order rather than date order. They feel that is more ...
over 2 years ago in Document improvements 0

Print Between Meeting report with comments

Hi We would like to be able to print out (in one pdf) a between meeting report(s) along with anything added to the comments section (this could be an option for the report to include the comments or not)
over 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Ability for committee/board members to enter their own interests.

Interests get a bit complicated and annoying to edit when Board and committee members don't provide all the information. The ability for them to add that information themselves would be really useful.
over 2 years ago in Other Category 1 Already exists

Seconded is good, but what about the approval of the third, fourth, fifth...?

Moved and seconded functionality is good, but sometimes you need to list that others have also all agreed/bought in to an action, e.g. for an exit sale price, you might need to record all three owners have agreed/seconded the decision.
almost 5 years ago in Other Category 1 Will not implement

Notes icon in minutes (like Decisions and Actions have)

I love the Note/Decision/Action split you make. However, in minutes, the last two get an icon but notes don't. The icons are also not consistent with those used earlier (see screenshot) and also not given the same colour. This can make it a little...
almost 5 years ago in Document improvements 3 Already exists