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Adding and APPENDEX option

This would be typically after the Meeting Close date and would be an area where such items as Governance Documents could be added and carry forward to the next meeting eg Delegated Authorities/Communications rules etc. These may not attach to a sp...
almost 4 years ago in Agenda 0

Use the compiler to prepare documents with multiple files

Use the power of Boardpro outside the confines of the board meeting format so that one file can contain lots of PDF's et
over 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Ability to put a note and an action item in simultaneously rather than having to close one to go to the other

No description provided
over 5 years ago in Action Items 0

Add a note re date of next meeting

Re a meeting date not set for next meeting; it would be useful to be able to add your own notes in for 'next meeting' info on the agenda, and have ONLY those notes appear on the agenda, and not the preprogrammed line of 'no meeting date has been s...
almost 3 years ago in Agenda 0

Tagging agenda items against regulatory standards

Our Academic Board has to report against the Higher Education Standards Framework in Australia (I expect a lot of Boards have to meet regulatory standards too), and it is not uncommon to have a separate column on agendas to show which standard the...
over 1 year ago in Agenda 0

administrator view of calendar

i don't attend all meetings but I act as an Administrator for the Board and CEO and one of my responsibilities is to put in the meeting calendar. It would be handy for me to see all the meetings in one go - is there a way around this?
almost 3 years ago in Roles and Permissions 1

Adding Absent Drop Down to Attendees/Apologies

It is useful to track absent board members without sending an apology (the only way to currently record this is to remove from meeting)
over 1 year ago in Agenda 0

Issues log - tracking of questions and responses

From time to time directors have questions which may be able to be resolved by the committee / board chair. In other cases they need to be presented to management (framed as a governance question). An issues log, a bit like a help desk ticket, wou...
over 1 year ago in Collaboration 1

Faster access to take minutes

On the organisation home page, where the large meeting card is, there is no top link to allow you to ‘take minutes’ You have to go into ‘open’ before you can see that option. It would be great to have this visible as a ‘top’ menu option in the l...
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Create Appendix for Correspondence

Instead of clogging the Agenda / Board Pack with reams of inwards correspondence to read, rather have a separate place or appendix that they can go to, to view / read the correspondence.
about 3 years ago in Agenda 1