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Editable automated messages

Currently automated messages (great!) to say remind people of an upcoming meeting and it signs off with 'please inform your BoardPro admin if you can't make it' or something to that effect. Ideally we would like to be able to edit the sign off so ...
about 3 years ago in Email Notification 0

Document Register

Keep access to documents signed off by the Board (which would have previously had the company seal attached). Be good if they were categorised e.g. Leases, Customer Contracts, Supply Contracts, Bank Documents etc
over 1 year ago in Other Category 0

Best-practice review service

Over time I have refined my agendas/approach based on insights gained from others also running board meetings, e.g. The importance of confirming minutes. Focusing on profit before sales. The benefits of a risk register. Which order to do "Ac...
almost 5 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Agenda -> Board Pack -> Minutes workflow

When you finish a draft agenda, the terminology and buttons on the pop-up screen start to talk about the Board Pack and it's easy to send the Board Pack by mistake (see attachment). I think a better, more consistent workflow would be: Chair cre...
almost 5 years ago in  1

Enable meeting rooms to be associated with an email address/Outlook calendar address

When we book a room we then have to go to Outlook to book the meeting room resource. If we could associate an email address in boardPro this would happen automatically
almost 5 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Remove date and signature field from minutes

Some organisations are not required to have minutes physically signed and dated, include an option to remove this.
over 3 years ago in Minutes 0

Make new action items more visible

I'd like to be able to quickly see new action items raised when I review the draft minutes.At the moment, they can get lost in the wider list with older items.
over 3 years ago in Action Items 0

Ability to move 'Add Note', 'Add Decision', 'Add Action' pop-up boxes

When preparing the minutes and adding in notes, decisions and actions it would be good to be able to move the pop up boxes. Currently they are fixed and it would be handy to move them to the side, up, down etc, in order to see/expose the text u...
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Displaying multiple meeting locations (which enables multiple time zones)

As an example; If Board Member A & B are located in Wellington and Board Member C is located in Los Angeles, and Adviser A is located in Sydney, as far as I can see, there is no ability to show multiple meeting locations and time zones. Overs...
about 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 0

Ability to group several actions under one person

Some minutes have the actions collated at the bottom of a section, grouped into each person. This helps people to see who's doing what more easily and avoids duplication. However it is tricky to set this up in Boardpro, especially with the limitat...
about 2 years ago in Action Items 0