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Notification of action completion

A notification emailed to account owner or secretary advising an action has been completed.
4 months ago in Action Items 0

Ability to have Flying Minutes progress to next Meeting for noting by directors

The Flying Minutes with Vote function is excellent. It is easy to use and communicates well with nominated participants. When Voting is completed it would assist in overall Board diligence if the applicable 'Paper' (purpose for which the Flying Mi...
about 2 years ago in Flying Minutes 3

Greater functionality with building the agenda

Would be really helpful if we could do things like: drag and drop sections in the agenda (instead of just move up or down) drag and drop attachments from within one agenda item, to another be able to add attachments directly to sections (sometimes...
over 2 years ago in Agenda 0

Allow cloning Between Meetings reports for recurring reports

Between Meeting Reports cannot currently be cloned, meaning when meetings are held bi-monthly and reports shared in between, the format/ structure etc. has to be recreated everytime. Will be helpful if cloning and/or using a previous report was po...
7 months ago in Between Meeting Reports 0

Document Repository Integrations

Connect your repositories to BoardPro for easier moving of documents
over 1 year ago in Integrations 1

To have an editable Interest Register template

Our Board would like add additional columns to the register like 'Date of change' and 'Nature of change'
2 months ago in Interests Register 0

Membership category for Executive Assistants and advisors who don't attend meetings

It would be helpful to be able to designate a category for EAs and advisors who support members and meetings. These staff generally don't attend meetings, but need to be able to review meeting documentation to ensure members have the information t...
2 months ago in Roles and Permissions 0

Register a conflict against a paper

Occassionaly documents are added to the Board Pack that a board member may have a conflict of interest with. It would be helpful to be able to register a conflict against specific papers. If it could also be not included in that person's board pac...
12 months ago in Interests Register 1

Add Images to Minutes

Attaching files is good, but it would be helpful to be able to place images directly into text boxes, e.g. notes/decisions/actions. This could be a diagram, or photo of a whiteboard discussion.
almost 5 years ago in Minutes 8

Allow Administrative Staff to update email addresses for people in their Organisation

As an admin, I have had board members ask me to update their email addresses for various reasons however, I am not able to do this. It would be helpful to have this as a function of the Edit process.
10 months ago in Other Category 1