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add an extra level to the agenda structure

Currently the agenda has level 1 (eg 1.0) and level 2 (eg. 1.1). Are you able to create a level 3 in the agenda that people have the option to use if needed (eg. 1.1.1).
over 3 years ago in Agenda 5

Action items allocated to a different meeting

Would be useful to, for example, originate an action item in a board meeting but have it assigned to a sub-committee.
over 1 year ago in Action Items 0

Take minutes while reading agenda item

As a minute taker there seems to be no simple way to read the agenda item. Would be good to do both without split screen or tabs
almost 2 years ago in Minutes 1

Register/import more than one interest at a time per director when moving from a different platform

It would be ideal to have the ability to enter multiple interests per director rather than having to choose the director, date etc over and over again when setting up the interest register.
5 months ago in Interests Register 0

Self manage Committees

Manage your own sub committees
over 1 year ago in Other Category 0

Correspondence Register - Inbound | Outbound

Trust Board members use a Correspondence Register to be informed on Governance related inbound and outbound correspondence received and sent. For Inbound there are three action categories - Review, Decision/Action, Agenda Item for Trustees to peru...
10 months ago in Document improvements 1

Noting changes to Board packs

When subsequent information is added to an agenda and a Board pack is reproduced as a subsequent version would it be possible to include in the email the item number of the additions
over 5 years ago in Email Notification 1 Planned

Permissions-based viewing of Agenda Items minutes, e.g. 'Board Only' items and actions only viewed by Board members

Items discussed which are confidential and not for general knowledge of all members of the minutes circulation group need to be able to be viewed only by the relevant people. An agenda item might have a default 'All' selection for viewing, or 'Onl...
10 months ago in Minutes 1

Board Pack preview prior to publishing the agenda

Useful if you need to view or distribute the Board Pack ahead of publishing for review. Would like to see this in PDF.
over 2 years ago in Board Pack 4

Personal Folders for Board Members

Board Members can upload and store documents in their own folders within the Governance Repository. Can be personal documents or be able to download and store board packs with their annotations.
about 1 year ago in Document improvements 0