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Further restrictions for folder/document visibility

Having the 'Board Only' lock feature is helpful, but would it be possible to further refine this for eg Chair and Secretary only? For things like reference checks for new Board members etc. Please expand ability to control access beyond "Board Onl...
over 3 years ago in Document improvements 4

Redact Boardpack for specific people

Where there is a conflict of interest it would be good to be able to redact part or all of a Boardpack from specific people only
5 months ago in Board Pack 0

Ensure AGM action items roll over to the next AGM not the next meeting.

An AGM action is not appropriate for a Board meeting and should be kept separate. A suitable due date applied will prevent the item from being lost before the next AGM!!
about 2 years ago in Action Items 0

A single link to share all minutes with auditors

a single link to share all minutes, and only minutes, with the auditors would be a real time-saver for all concerned
about 4 years ago in Minutes 1

Meeting attendance schedule

Record of annual attendance at board meetings of individual directors/trustees, this helps the Chairman and the board to see how many meetings an individual may be missing thus prompting discussion about attendance and should a new board member sh...
over 6 years ago in Meeting improvements 8

Actions between meetings

Best-practice task management platforms are always on. BoardPro is only on for one-day/month when you meet. This is a major weakness in the product compared to indirect competitors like Asana, Monday, Trello etc. You've just added inter-meeting re...
over 2 years ago in Action Items 4

Ability to "Pre-Create" an agenda item

Often in a meeting or during reviewing minutes items come up that are no Actions, but something that is suggested to be dealt with in a future meeting. i.e. Let's review our new insurances in the September meeting". It would be good if when doing ...
8 months ago in Agenda 0

Ability to enter and track organizational goals

Our board sets annual goals, it would be great to have goals and status tracking and summarized on home page
over 2 years ago in Other Category 0

Add "Tabled" to motion outcome options

There are only two options available to the outcome of a motion: approved and not approved. Please add "Tabled".
6 months ago in Minutes 0

Search across both passed and not passed resolutions in decision register

It would be good to be able to search decisions register for ALL decisions (with ability to filter those passed and not passed) this would be good for clarity of data as well as the ease of looking over past resolutions presented, no matter the ou...
6 months ago in Other Category 0